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Jar of Hearts Official Video

  • Jar of Hearts Official Video

    Jar of Hearts

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on September 12, 2010
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Jar of Hearts

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What an awesome individual you are Christina Perri, to write such a passionate song as jar of hearts and the video that accompanies it just serves to punctuate it with barbs of comtempt. Brilliant!!! (Glad I'm not the target) Actually the whole album is brilliant, the only one you'll find playing on my car stereo at the moment. Congratulations.

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A struggling singer/song writer working day and night waiting on tables in Los Angeles, Ca., came close to packing up and going back to the east coast to her family.
But somehow, she managed to find the time and energy to blast out at a low-life womanizer by composing Jar of Hearts before she went. And the rest is history. Now she is touring the globe promoting her songs, and having the time of her life. And the dirt bag is on the outside looking in.
And to those who have taken cheap shots at this song, excuse me, but your envy is showing. It may not have the high polish of a Lady Gaga hit, but it has one thing other great songs do not have either. This one came from the heart.
FYI: La Mia Famiglia is Italian for my family. God bless you Christina, and thank you for Jar of Hearts. I dislike those who abuse ladies, and I am finally able to watch the video with dry eyes.
Tom in California

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