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atlanta! thanks for one our favorite shows yet!!!! :)

im celebrating ur awesomeness with vegan sugar free raw cocoa + bananas!! see u soon!

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Girl, THANK YOU for one of the BEST birthdays ever!! August 18th, 2012 Atl, Ga

You are the jam!

I have watched Mr. A-Z grow up over the last 13 years and this love affairs with Jason's spirit is awesome. And, hello Jason Mraz is sexy inside and out... This has been a beautiful & meaningful ride for me and I am grateful for that - I have always felt a kindred 'meeting of the souls' watching him on the various stages in Hotlanta, Ga. I LOVE the fact that I have never, not once seen Jason in shoes & that rocks, lol! Jason Mraz is the freaking jam; and Lady you are too!

We share a special day for Leo's: The birthday. I am 8/19; but whatever close enough.
Watching your fiery energy flirting with Jason's grounded ‘lightning rod’ awesomeness was awesome! Thank you for sharing that moment in time with me… I hope that for you the ride was just as sensual :)

Shelley L.

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