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Premiere: "Distance" (feat. Jason Mraz) Official Music Video

on June 30, 2012

today marks the magical two year anniversary of my career. i am so grateful to everyone who has touched my life, believed in me + my songs.



video direct by elliott sellers

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Premiere: Acoustic Performance of "Distance" (feat. Jason Mraz)

on June 01, 2012

Head over to to watch an acoustic live performance of "Distance" with Jason Mraz!

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here we come!!!!

on May 30, 2012

its that time again!! packing my suitcases, me and my penguin pillow are headed around the world!

heres what i get to do again every night!!

come see me!!


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On the Cover: Bello

on May 30, 2012

ahhh! im on the cover of the Bello Mag! online only!! enjoy!!!!

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making the official "distance" music video

on May 26, 2012

today was so overwhelming wonderful.

my official "distance" music video featuring jason mraz went beyond my wildest dreams. i am so blessed to have such beautiful spirited, creative, hard working, amazing + authentic people in my life.

special thanks to our brilliant director elliott sellers, my unconditionally supportive team at bill silva management, my best friend and hair/makeup sweetheart, giavonna brascia, my family at, my other half on this song, jason mraz and my whole production crew today.

i am going to bed smiling.

xoox cp