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43 days + 43 nights + 43,000 dreams in flight.

on August 11, 2010

friends! holy canoli! can you believe all this???? i still can not. i am still waking up questioning the difference between my sleep + dream + fantasy + reality. some of the past 43 days couldnt have reaaaaaaallly happened. there is just no way. although… i seem to remember pieces…

thank you.

thank you so much.

thank you for loving + buying + facebooking + tweeting + writing me.

thank you with my whole heart!

im coming to love you now…


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the calm after the storm.

on July 23, 2010


i am speechless.

inspired is how you make me feel.

grateful is how i want to stay.

the past twenty five days DID happen.

they happened to me + to you.

they made almost every dream i’ve ever had come true.

love. heart-touching. love. believers. love. new employers. love. record deal. love. jason mraz asking me to sing “lucky” with him on the tour he asked me to join. love. genuine happiness + buttons popped. love. fans. love. a purpose. love.

i asked my manager what i should do now, + he said. “dream bigger”

so thats what i’m gonna do.

im gonna work harder.

im gonna put out music faster.

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grateful. whirlwind.

on July 10, 2010

friends. old friends. new friends. its been twelve days since “jar of hearts” happened to the world. its been the best twelve days of my life for so many reasons. not just because all my dreams are coming true. not just because my career took off. not just because i quit my cafe job. not just because i flew to new york city and played the cbs morning show. not just because people believe in me. not just because it’s all happening. i’ve had the best twelve days of my life because i feel right. i feel loved + am loving the world back. im listening and responding.

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JAR OF HEARTS. piano chords.

on July 02, 2010

hi everyone.

i am so touched + speechless over your overwhelming response to jar of hearts. i wrote the song after i went home to philadelphia for the holiday last december. i sat in my childhood bedroom and hid from the boy (with the jar of hearts) who wanted to see me. my heart wanted to see him, my head knew better. i couldnt take one more break so i wrote the song instead. i had no idea that six months later you’d all be playing the song, singing the song, dancing to the song, learning the song and loving it so much. im humbled + grateful + so excited to release more. and more. and more.