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Jar of Hearts video

on August 27, 2010

The Jar of Hearts video is coming soon!

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twenty four years ago today….

on August 18, 2010

… i was born….

(thanks mom + dad!)

…i sang coming out of the womb. i sang at my first holy communion in front of 300 people in a church when i was seven. i sang every single christmas carol ever. for everyone. my whole life. i sang karaoke + i sang at parties. around twelve years old i got into theater programs and sang in all of them. i started in the chorus + sang in choirs + groups for years + years. around my sophomore year of high school i started to get more confidence and better roles in the school plays….

….then i started playing guitar and piano and singing my own songs about love

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on August 12, 2010

bradorok asked: Are you going to try your best everyday and struggle on into the break of dawn?

yes. forever. :)

jordane-turcotte asked: Are you going to come someday in Canada?

yes yes yes! i heart canada. tons.

secondstar05 asked: Are you going to record "Sad Song"? It is my favorite song from your Myspace. <3

yes :)

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on August 12, 2010

turned out to be exactly what I needed, and more.

I feel newly empowered. This feeling is practically a faint rumor of a memory to me, but it’s there, and it’s mine, and I simply cannot thank you enough.


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Ask Me Anything

on August 12, 2010

suchadream asked: you inspire me more than words can express. jar of hearts gets me thru my sleepless nights. in may, i just got out of a 3 year relationship and didn't think i'd survive it. everyday is a battle but it's getting a little easier everyday. thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my life everyday and i cannot wait to see the upcoming months and how HIGH you will soar. you go girl<3

my question is.. would you ever go on the Ellen show?

ahhh thank you “losttheloveilovedthemost” !!!! you’re awesome. i’m so glad “JOH” has helped you.