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its a wrap.

on February 20, 2011

hello earth, i've missed you.
hello friends, i've missed you too.
this just in… l o v e s t r o n g is finished!!
in just 33 days me + a whole team of heartfelt talented beautiful people completed the whole album.
lovestrong is filled with my guts. experience. hope. trust. tears. voice. and strength.
lovestrong is everything i am.
the answer to all your questions is: soon!!! :)
lovestrong will come out after i do a bunch of stuff to prepare the world for it.
there are radio stations to visit.
people to meet.
countries to introduce myself to.
shows to be played.
a music video to make.
artwork to

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Watch Christina Perri's House Tour on

on February 11, 2011

Watch Christina take The Seven on a tour of her house on!



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Christina Perri on MTV's The Seven TODAY!

on February 11, 2011

See Christina at home + in the studio TODAY on MTV's The Seven. The show airs at 5/4c, so be sure to tune in then!


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Christina Perri Jar of Hearts Contest

on February 09, 2011

hi friends!!! happy february :) valentine's day is next week + i'm excited to announce... the jar of hearts contest!


all you have to do is guess how many candy hearts are in the jar pictured below. to enter, tweet me @christinaperri with your guess + the hashtag #jarofhearts. you only get one guess, so make it a good one. :) the contest ends at 11:59pm est on valentine's day, february 14th.


Jar of Hearts!


the person with the closest guess will win a signed 18x24 lithographic poster, a signed box of candy hearts, a copy of the ocean way sessions ep, and this vase that sat on my piano during the very

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i won't let it be the death of me :)

on February 04, 2011

hi friends.

21 days into the album making process and man!!! i feel beat. worn. exposed. naked. scared. insecure. anxious. excited. depressed. dramatic. sick. unprepared. overprepared. helpless. helpful. loved. lucky. sad and happy. so basically…i'm a mess!! haha.
im wondering if this is normal.
i don't have too many friends who have done this to find out if this roller coaster is normal, or if anything is normal. im not even sure i want whatever normal is.
i guess this is just my story. my experience.
i think opening yourself up creatively in any area of your life automatically puts you into