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i'm so grateful it's crazy.

on October 10, 2011


i am so grateful for everything today!

i am so grateful for my amazing family and team who plan everything for me. they plan around my weaknesses and my strengths, and help me do everything i need to do. im so grateful they have patience with me and love me more than i know sometimes. im so grateful for everyone doing their best. im so grateful for trusting my gut and getting the scariest surgery ever, but believing i would be better than ever when i healed.

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London Show - Live Worldwide on USTREAM!

on October 05, 2011


my voice is better + i'll be playing a special show next tuesday, october 11 at monto water rats in london! we will be streaming the whole show live on ustream for all of you to watch, no matter where you live :) ahh im so excited!! 


follow the links below at 7pm UK time / 2pm eastern / 11am pacific on tuesday, october 11:




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live and let love

on October 02, 2011


sometimes you have to make the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make in order to save the one thing you cherish the most.


sometimes you have to lose the job just to keep the girl.


sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone just to keep the boy.


sometimes you have to trust the universe more than your fear.


sometimes you have to let others think you’re crazy + not care at all.


sometimes you have to let go of judgement + let others just find their way.


sometimes you have to just follow your fucking heart.

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the cp-holy-cannoli-its-october update!

on October 01, 2011

hi friends,

so the winds they are a-blowin…
+ ive made some changes to some things in the cp world!

1. is i got vocal chord surgery finally + i'm all fixed!! i can't wait to sing for you--- for ever!! and ever!!!

2. we bid farewell to john andersson today from my band… but not from the spotlight. with his incredible talent i'm certain you'll all be seeing + hearing way more of him as he jumps back out into the music world. let's wish him the all the happiness + success a music man could ever want! though we will all miss him, we're so grateful for every show and every note he graced us with!!

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comfort zone

on September 29, 2011


today i will step fully out of my comfort zone + manifest magic again.


i was terrified to… and now i’m not.


whos with me?