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A Thousand Years - Platinum!

  • March 06, 2012
    A Thousand Years - Platinum!

    ahh!! "a thousand years" went platinum!!!! thank you so much to all million of you!!! heres a live acoustic version!!!! i love u!!! xo cp

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on March 06, 2012

ahh!! "a thousand years" went platinum!!!! thank you so much to all million of you!!! heres a live acoustic version!!!! i love u!!! xo cp


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how beautiful you are!!!

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ur a straight up genius to the max baby

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You're my favourite singer.i adore you songs,your voice,i's wonderful.I believe in you:)you're the best!!!:)

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The first time I heard this dong it made me think about me and a old boyfriend. And to this day we still talk to each other! Keep up the GREAT work!

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I love this music

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I luv u christina xxxxx

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wow I love it xxxx the song is beautiful xxxx

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You sound surprised! That song is EPIC!

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this song is AMAZING . i love it

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This song < This voice <3 Amazing both :)

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CP: Welcome back to the good old USofA!! I watched BREAKING DAWN last night. Not my kind of movie. I was disappointed that they put your 1000 years at the very end of the credits. Most people never watch a movie til the last credit rolls. BUT you still made it to platinum anyway. God bless you!! Looks like you will be very busy this year with you tours. Pace your self and save your strength for the long haul. You are great!! Go girl. DHS

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CP: Please-please be careful and safe in Europe! There is a lot of bad stuff going on over there as well as the UK. This summer things may go bad here in the USA also. Remember to have SECURITY where ever you go at least for the rest of 2012. I always pray for your future and your safety. Love and GOD bless, DHS

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Did someone just say (in all seriousness) that she doesn't sound as good as the recording? I don't think she sounds better or worse. This version is equally beautiful. I was only disappointed that the song wasn't more prevalent in the film. This is a brilliant live version. Love it!

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