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I Believe (live)

  • February 04, 2013
    I Believe (live)

    i wrote this song for the twloha shows and for anyone who might be in a bad place right now...

    thank you to all who came out to the twloha tour!!

    watch here:

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on February 04, 2013

i wrote this song for the twloha shows and for anyone who might be in a bad place right now...

thank you to all who came out to the twloha tour!!

watch here:


ElizabethVazdaCunha's picture

Very beautiful song! And I just saw today...

ChastitySabo's picture

Christina, Please please please put this song on your new CD. I love it! :)

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Hey Christina...
My heart has just been broken by someone I loved, Who said he hadn't loved anyone like me. He Dumped me. 4 days ago.
I was desperate these four days. I cried all the time. Lucky I had my friends and your song, Jar of Hearts.
I felt empty. I felt weak. I felt like I have no more goals in my life. But your song gave me hope. It made me feel stronger against that Heart breaker. It made me Block his number, delete his ID and Shift delete the song he made for me. That's right... he made a song for me.. and I believed him. But that's not my problem anymore, I'm strong enough to Reject him if he ever wanted to come back:)
I love you:x You're my best inspiration... I don't know what I've would have done if I didn't have you.
Thank you. <3

Franco's picture

You are an angel!!! Stay this way msg from a thousand miles away :-) God Bless lotsa love

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CP thank you so much for this song, my daughter is in a very dark place at the moment and i dedicate this song to her, it also gives me the strength to carry on, there is a better tomorrow.

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yes ull have to ausie

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Im like seriously your biggest fan I hope I grow up to be as sucessful as you!!!Im 13 and I've been to honors chior but Im going to get no where in life but I wish I could be just like you. I was going through A really hard time and I listened to the lonely and sad song everyday and I know its stupid but that made me feel like suck it up there are people that are going through a worse time then you and they sorta helped me.Please come to MN for one of your tours and dont ever stop singing you are amazing and please get more songs on itunes so i can listen to them!! Love you

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I<3U Christina perri

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My 16 year old, who I believe is a talented and beautiful vocalist, says u are her inspiration. She is very shy and very insecure about herself but she wants desperately to be a singer. I need advise from her me bring her out of the shell..

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Loved you from the first time I heard you on Youtube Christina! Your new song is awesome! Come back to Columbia Missouri!!!

Donald H Smith's picture

I have always believed in you!! From your oldest fan in Philly DHS

Faiznur's picture

love u too

rich's picture

thank you for sharing your talent. A lot of us in Chardon, OH needed encouragement this week....

kevinandreani's picture

you are amazing! amazing song and voice, like always! <3 please come to jacksonville!!

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Christina thank you so much for your amazing voice, please do a concert in the UK.

purrrple_lady's picture

Beautiful and fantastic!

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so encouraging and full of light. unite all us lightworkers, beautiful spirit! (p.s. when can i download the single?)

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Absolutely beautiful. So proud of u :')