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Feedback and Suggestions

  • Feedback and Suggestions
    started by Team CP
    August 25, 2010

    We created this special category to hear what you think about! Are you enjoying mobile stream photos from Christina, uploading content to share with fellow fans, and the music page? Are there features you would like us to add? We welcome you to comment here with all of your suggestions and feedback for We will be checking this regularly and looking forward to hearing from you!

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on August 25, 2010

We created this special category to hear what you think about! Are you enjoying mobile stream photos from Christina, uploading content to share with fellow fans, and the music page? Are there features you would like us to add? We welcome you to comment here with all of your suggestions and feedback for We will be checking this regularly and looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi my name is Lan Nguyen and i saw Christina Sunday night at iron city in birmingham. This may be a long shot and I know shes on tour with colbie and Ed. I bought one of Christina's lovely shirts and the thing is, the material is too thin and neck is too wide. I have no idea how to get in touch with the tour manager or even the merchandise people who are on tour with Christina to exchange the silver shirt for the black Head or Heart t-shirt. It's really a desperate attempt as the person I bought it for is a little upset girl who is so mad at me right now that I will pay extra for shipping to exchange for the right shirt. I was wondering if you all knew who I could contact regarding this or even have them contact me. Like I said it's a long shot but I figured I could try you guys on this forum. My email address is

Lan Nguyen

arin's picture

i can't access your album 'lovestrong'

We are unable to register you at this time.

WHAT IS THIS? i did regist so i can write this post now.



kelliebee's picture

I am using it on my imac but when i open the cd just the double click for more details window opens. it doesn't open in itunes. Songs played in my car. i don't understand this. i signed up and it said it wasn't able to register me. should this be so difficult?
any answers?

Mattmuerto's picture

i think someone should read my about me on my profile.

Donald H Smith's picture

I,m glad your new album is coming out How can I pre order a copy of the CD?? For some reason I can't get on the store site to order it.SAFARI cant fid it?? Don Smith

Brian4cde's picture

Loved you with Jason Mraz in NJ. Going to see you in Philly next year. NOW... Did you sing the cover song "Mad World" for the Pantene commercial?

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Dkb826's picture

Christina. My best friend Annette has waited for 42 years to get married. To Annette and Matt her fiancé, it feels like a thousand years. the title of their favorite song. i want you to know that Annette is an amazing mother, sister and friend. I'm thankful Annette Is my friend. I'm equally thankful that Her fiancé Matt has changed all of our lives for the better. They will marry on Sunday, November 24, 2013 but a little rain has fallen on their parade and they are unable to marry in the church. Im hoping you will sing their favorite song to them at their wedding. We are hopeful, praying and waiting for your response. Joyous blessings!

whiwieperthiwie's picture

always fantasize that when the girl definitely a golden voice is ekan see my tweet how much I admire him..

Donald H Smith's picture

CP: I am missing you. I don't see anything out there lately. I'm still waiting for news about a second album. No tours or shows in US?? DHS

whiwieperthiwie's picture

what is the name for fans christina perri?? because I really admire the golden-voiced woman:*:*
and whether in the country Indonesia is the official community for fans christina perri??
thanks for the reply and the information, love all.

Donald H Smith's picture

I'm happy that somebody will be minding the site. It seems little attention has been given lately to the sites comments sections. Scrubbing the site of objectionable posts such as PORN site information, foul langage, self serving comments etc. Also, replys to requests for information would be helpful like when will album #2 be comming out etc? Refer to my comments of April 14, 2013 11:21 AM. Love and God bless, dhs

mbullock's picture

How the hell am I supposed to type in my password when I don't remember it. Either I'm missing something or your system is screwed up.

Donald H Smith's picture

Hi CP, This is your 78 year old fan from Delaware County PA. I'm still waiting for a second album to come out. Any news on that?? By the way, your web site person should wipe the porn stuff off your site. It gives a bad impression to your site. Love and God bless DHS

yvesvpr's picture

Hi Hope you are well. Christina're the best singer that can exist in this world. Your songs are beautiful. I've seen how you've grown up in your career and that is admirable. You're my platonic love <3 are my life. I've always said that no woman more beautiful than you. And your tattoos are beautiful in your body. My name is Yves'm from Puerto Rico await your response. Love you PS I will not tire until I answer. I'll be the happiest man in the world. Take care ;) my facebook page

Domingos's picture

You are very perfect, in song, in beauty.

Domingos's picture

hello cristina perri when seen in Brazil?

Domingos's picture

Hi, cristina Perri,I Lake you.The best...

Victoriaprado2013's picture

Hey Christina and Fans! My name is Victoria Prado.. My fiancé and I are huge fans of Christina Perri and would like to see if this would work. I was thinking maybe Christina Perri can write a wedding song for us or for her to pick one for the wedding. My fiancé does not know that I'm doing this.. I want it to be a surprise. I hope she can actually read this ... I would REALLY APPRECIATE anybody's feedback but mostly Christina's. <3
I am also a singer and I would love to sing him a song, keep that in mind as well!

Tyler Toroni's picture

I'm going to be completely honest. When I first heard about Christina Perri, it was from a friend who told me that you were an amazing singer and musician in general. When I was driving home from school, I heard one of her songs, and said to myself, "She's pretty good!" Then I discarded the thought and drove home. Next thing I know I have three tickets to the Greek Theater in Berkeley to see Jason Mraz and Christina Perri. I've never been to a concert before, which is pretty ridiculous in itself, but me being a musician was even more ridiculous. So I go, because Jason Mraz is one of my favorite musicians. I get to the concert, and see Christina Perri open. It blew my mind. Sure, I knew she was pretty good, but her music swept me off my feet! Everyone in her band was exceptional. Then when Jason Mraz came on my mind exploded. I've listened to him for years but this was completely different. As a musician, Christina Perri has struck a chord in my heart and soul ever since that concert. Now, between her and Jason Mraz, I don't know who's music I enjoy more. That concert gave me inspiration and hope as a musician and a person. As one musician to another, I wish you the best of luck throughout your musical journey, and as one person to another, I wish the same luck throughout your whole life. Hope you and your band have an amazing day! You deserve at least that.
Tyler Toroni

TheMasterKenDog's picture

No upcoming dates? Well....On Live Nation it shows you have 3 dates- January 28th, 29th and 30th, 2013 in SoCal all at House of Blues venues?
Sooooo why is it not under your "tour" or maybe a section named "upcoming shows"? We don't want to miss you! Luckly I live in SoCal and can go to Anaheim and L.A. house of blues with no problem! So I'll see you then!!? But what about the rest of your fans? Let them know !!!!!!
Thanks! ;)

mariomadu's picture

For the next year, a Christina's tour in Brazil!

kk_2's picture

I have so enjoyed lovestrong and look forward to your new album. I just read your latest blog--what accomplishments in 27 months. I know John Andersson is no longer a part of your life, but wonder why you didn't include a picture of him--he was a part of your life for over a year??

Beckster93's picture

I think you guys should design a couple long sleeve shirts! It's getting cooler here, and I would love nothing more than to go to class supporting cp but it's usually too cold for short sleeves :( LOVE everything you guys are doing. Keep up the great work!

justjesika's picture

umm... the personal message was great and all but why can't I load this on my itunes for playback on my iPod???

michaelsumski's picture

Christina, I have been working and your song jar of hearts has played numerous times. The song without a doubt is great and shows your talent in ability to utilize voice to project emotional feelings. You are truly outstanding! The thing is for some reason this song makes me feel so sad and it bothers me. The radio that plays has seem to choose this song in the worst possible moment. I just want to say "I'm sorry" for some reason. To me your voice is unmatched and without equal. Within the belief of a beauty not forseen and created the unfounded sound of prestige. Christina Perri,you are great and even more than I can precieve. No need to say stay strong or take care, for you are even better than that. A role model for all to see! One day I wish I had half the essence of strength you have.

audiodreamer's picture

Christina, My children and I have enjoyed your music for years and tonight when I listened to Something about December, the world around me came to a standstill! Wow!:) there just aren't words to describe the experience of hearing you sing. You are a truly amazing artist, and a gift from God to people of all ages and all walks of life. Your lovely voice and personal style lights up my soul and puts a smile in my Heart. Thank you, and may God Bless you and your loved ones.

fitzskin's picture

I fell in love with every song on Lovestrong when it came out. Last night, my husband took me to see your concert with Jason Mraz in San Diego. We had second row seats and you were AMAZING!!! Your songs mean more to me than words can say...especially as we are going through the most difficult times of our life with my husband having prostate cancer that has spread to his lymph nodes and bones. We fought through months in the hospital ICU this year with his lungs collapsing and suffering two heart attacks. He has unbelievable courage and refuses to give up, and our love has never been stronger. Being able to experience your concert together was MAGICAL. And chose as your "cover song" at the concert, "Be My Baby." We almost fell over as THAT SONG was our first dance song at our wedding 20++ years ago!!! It was like you gave us a gift we can never say thank you enough for. Is there anywhere that is recorded that we can get??? Have listened to your music all morning...with many tears. You are the most gifted, beautiful artist and should know that you are touching lives in ways you could never have imagined. Much, much love and continued success. Thanks for helping me through these very tough times with your music. Betsy

zendojo3's picture

I hope I am the first to ask, do you have wallpapers, screensavers or posters for fans to buy at the store? And loving lovemspenny's channel on youtube, from behind the scenes and, wow, the ocean way sessions, do you have any plans to have DVD's of Ocean Way Studiosor in itunes? Say if wifi is not available and you're traveling and you wanted to play the music and video live of Ms Christina Perri's songs, would that be something you would like to consider? I know tyere's the youtube copyright issuebthing but would it be easy or maybe not to find a way to program that into the dvd's? Ahead of myself, i just love her live performances and discovering the possibilities of iPods

gymnast2013's picture

Can Christina Perri Please do a concert in Chicago, Illinois?! I am a huge fan and I'm sure seats would sell out! I love your voice and all your music! It's my last year in high school and I would LOVE to see you in concert!!