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    how did you know about her? Started by iloveyouperri

    Well i knew about her on vh1 because i always go on there but also i look her up on youtube and diffrent, music websites

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    The amazing thing about Christina Perri Started by Flighty

    There are of course a lot of amazing things about her,

    Her Music is of course one of a kind,
    Her Style is just so cool,
    Her tattoos all tell something about her weather if it's Italian, twilight, Beatles, etc. she likes to express herself in a interesting,yet unique way.
    And of course her love and devotion for her fans, family, friends... Pistachio Lol (her dog),
    It's just so beautiful and great that I can have someone to look up to that's amazing as Christina Perri.

    Thankies for reading :3

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    What are you thankful to Christina for. Started by Thankful

    I am thankful to you Christina for you persistence and hard work to achieve your success. I really don't believe that the average fan understands the sacrifices you have made and are making so that we can partake in the wonderful adventure called Christina Perri. I am not the fan that is jumping up and down at your concerts. Hey there is nothing wrong at all with that. I am not the fan that has an obsession over you. I am the fan that at the end of a 12 hour day I can relax on my couch and be mesmerized by the talent that springs from within you as a musician and a woman.

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    Fan name? Started by lovestrong_3

    Dear fans,
    what should we call our selfs?
    We really need to figure this out.
    I like lovestrong as our name.
    Any more ideas?

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    Christina's tattoos- What are they??- Started by jessicadevo94

    Okay, obviously Christina has many tattoos? I think they are so adorable and unique to her! And I was wondering how many she has? And of what?? 

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    Why penguins? Started by happysteve

    Stupid question from a newbee: does Christina have a special relationship with penguins? Is she collecting stuffed penguins? One of the songs on lovestrong is called Penguin, and some of her fans are calling themselves penguins.

    Basically my question is: Am I a penguin?


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    Christina Perri VEVO account Started by JM iWay

    Christina Perri should launch her MV's at VEVO so she had bigger advertisements and besides if "A Thousand Years" and "Jar Of Hearts" were released there she should've earned two #VevoCertified videos. Please Christina Perri make it to VEVO.

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    Feedback and Suggestions Started by Team CP

    We created this special category to hear what you think about! Are you enjoying mobile stream photos from Christina, uploading content to share with fellow fans, and the music page? Are there features you would like us to add? We welcome you to comment here with all of your suggestions and feedback for We will be checking this regularly and looking forward to hearing from you!

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    A Thousand Years Started by MaureenAbato

    Your cd is absolutely beautiful. A Thousand Years is also one of the most exquisite songs ever. When will it be available on a CD? (Other than the Twilight....)

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    Christina Perri Videos for Album Two Started by JM iWay

    Please let us all cooperate Christina Perri fans. I'm thinking if we will help Christina Perri get high views in her music videos we could get more audience for her and we might see her in Billboard Charts. I mean we should still buy her new album. That would be great, right? Y'all agree? hahaha Also, Christina Perri should have a VEVO account!

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    Tour?? Started by kyleeschafroth

    Does anyone know when Christina is going to be going on tour next??

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    Marriage Ceremony Started by fades

    HI Christina! I think you are regular and so absolutely beautiful and fantastic. I wanted to let you know that your song 'A Thousand Years' will be my bridal song at my wedding; the one I walk down the aisle to. 'Arms' is running a very close race for my "first dance" song. Its competitor is Donna Lewis' 'I Love You Always Forever'.

    Your voice is eternal. Thank you so much for this gift and precious jewel you've given us. For eternity your name will roll sweetly off our lips as we reminisce in our wedding memories.

    May the Universe bless you endlessly as you follow your dreams and bring

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    About website Started by Vikrant Jhala

    You create excellent site specially background image of the site is very nice and your site is user-friendly .If its possible then enable SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in login page keep it up :)

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    is there a fan mail address? Started by Courtney_14

    just wondering if there is a fan mail address :)

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    a cold Started by squamish

    My 6 year old has a cold - blowing his nose all day long - so i asked him "I wonder where you got that cold?" He answers "From the icy water in my soul."

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