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Tour?? 1
Would you really enjoy the digital life over the world ? 0 n/a
Fan name? 1
How did "Jar Of Hearts" about? 0 n/a
Just completed it 0 n/a
Favourite Christina Perri song? 23
Hi Christina... 0 n/a
ddd 0 n/a
Wedding Plans 0 n/a
crazy 1
True story- thank u Christina!! 3
lovestrong 1
put a song on this web site 0 n/a
Melbourne Set List - 2 June 1
Christina Perri 0 n/a
Awesome cover of A Thousand years by The Piano Guys 0 n/a
When do u kn that u have found ur soul mate? 3
Sad Song 0 n/a
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the song of longing 0 n/a
<3 0 n/a
I Love Christina Perri <3 2
Guiding Light 0 n/a
Real Teen Reviews Gives Lovestrong an A! 2