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Feedback And Suggestions

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t shirts 10
Songs you would love to hear Christina sing 22
Concert Suggestion 2
Cover suggestion 2
Jar of Hearts official video 2
more stops in california (fresno)!! 3
Autograph Signing during Intermission 1
Come to My/ These Cities 0 n/a
Add Friends 1
Bang Bang Bang 4
this is the chorus of jar of hearts in Italian 2
New fan 0 n/a
Please come to Malaysia! or do a tour in Asia! 0 n/a
TN 0 n/a
Come to Texas PLEASE! 0 n/a
IF (Louisiana) 0 n/a
Tour! 5
Can't upload my Jar of Hearts Remix Video 1
Just the beginning! 0 n/a
Domestic Violence 2
Come to Tennessee!!!!!!!!!! 0 n/a
Sad Song 0 n/a
Come to Ridgefield Playhouse 0 n/a
New Song 0 n/a
Please check this out :) 1