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All About Christina

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Describe Christina 3
wygląda na to iż oddanie chwilówki osobistych oszczędności 0 n/a
What are you thankful to Christina for. 2
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you saved my life for real 3
The amazing thing about Christina Perri 5
Christina's tattoos- What are they??- 1
Christina Perri Videos for Album Two 0 n/a
Marriage Ceremony 1
Well, it seems a little beneath her, but who's to judge lol 1
My Proposal idea 1
My Proposal idea 0 n/a
we are penguin 1
Christina's biggest fan in PH 0 n/a
I is a huge fans of yours 0 n/a
Love u full :D 0 n/a
Christina should not get her teeth fixed! 88 - the first german fansite 0 n/a
song 0 n/a