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on tour with jason mraz this week! share your favorite places in a tour stop near you

on August 06, 2012

our north america tour with jason mraz starts this week + i cant wait!!!!!! to celebrate we want to see some of your favorite places in the cities we'll be visiting + as a thank you 10 of you will be randomly chosen to join us for a pre-show meet + greet!!!

how to contribute:
* if youre going to one of our shows, take a photo of yourself at a favorite place in your town using instagram.
* geo-tag the photo + include the hashtag #cpdistance.
* turn on foursquare sharing.
* we will pick ten photos at random + invite you to a special pre-show meet + greet!
all winners will be posted on

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announcing... a very merry perri christmas!

on August 01, 2012

my dreams are coming true! my christmas EP called "a very merry perri christmas" will be out october 16!!!!!!! tis the season xo

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Behind the Scenes: "Distance" Music Video (with Jason Mraz + Elliott Sellers)

on July 17, 2012

Go behind the scenes of the "Distance" official music video with Christina, Jason Mraz, and director Elliott Sellers:

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Premiere: "Distance" (feat. Jason Mraz) Official Music Video

on June 30, 2012

today marks the magical two year anniversary of my career. i am so grateful to everyone who has touched my life, believed in me + my songs.



video direct by elliott sellers